We Offer Same Day Service Dry Cleaning!

Serving Bethel, Danbury & New Milford CT

If you’re like most people, you probably think that dry cleaning is dry cleaning.  That there’s really not much to separate one dry cleaner from the next except their location. And who could blame you? That’s pretty much been the case. But now there’s GreenEarth Cleaning.  And for the first time, you and your wardrobe have a real choice.

Because GreenEarth is as different as different can be. Different in the way it’s made. Different in what it does for clothes.  Different in how it protects the environment.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Ship Shape Cleaners has made a commitment to the environment as well as to our customers. Unlike traditional dry cleaning methods, we use no hazardous chemicals. None. No perc, no “organic” solvents, no petro-chemicals. So there is nothing to dirty the air, contaminate the soil or pollute the water. Your clothes will be returned to you cleaner, brighter and without that “dry cleaning” odor.



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